Nanny Services in Windsor

At Nannies Matter, we strive to provide the very best housekeeping and childcare services to families in and around Windsor. With 15 years’ experience and detailed interviews to find out exactly what you require, we always ensure that we provide the right match for you and your family.

Our nannies can provide assistance across the South East in areas:

  • Windsor
  • Old Windsor
  • Clewer
  • Oakley Green
  • Cranbourne

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Our Services

We have a number of highly skilled nannies and housekeeping staff available to make your home life easier and allow you to enjoy the precious time you have.

These services cover:

Nanny services, including:

Housekeeping staff, including:

Household services, such as:


If a personal bespoke approach to nanny recruitment in the Windsor area is for you, get in touch today by calling 0800 121 4881 or complete our online contact form to arrange a call-back.

Case Studies and Testimonials

Find out what our clients in Windsor said about our services below:

Four children including a newborn

The Jones family had been just about able to cope with various casual helpers to support their child care needs, but when Mr Jones changed jobs four months just after the birth of their fourth child, the monthly international travel meant that they needed a more structured approach to their household routine.

When the family approached Nannies Matter they were not sure what they required. Following a fruitful meeting with Mr and Mrs Jones and their young teenage girls Laura, 13, and Sasha, 12, who wanted an input into the restructuring of their household, it was concluded that the priorities were someone who could help mostly with household chores plus laundry and be on hand so Mum could pop out to do school runs and watch the girls.

Mrs Jones said:
“Nannies Matter was great and helped me with the decision making so that we got the help that we most needed.”

Relocation from the North East

Mrs J said:
“We were forced to move down south when my husband's company decided to close their offices in the North East and relocate the whole legal department to Surrey. The move could not have come at a worse time, as my twin girls had just started primary school and were settling into reception class and my three-year-old was starting nursery four mornings a week. Geoff’s company sourced Nannies Matter and our relationship began via Skype and numerous phone calls as we wanted to have some of our child care support when we arrived.

“Working with just one director from the company was a great help as we were able to build up a good relationship. Following discussions, the best option for our family was a nanny, working a split day arriving at eight to look after my three-year-old while I dropped the girls off at school, then returning at three to set us up for four hours of homework, feeding, bathing and bedtime.

“The four girls I interviewed on my day trip down to Berkshire were all superb but we instantly clicked with Martina. Martina accepted our job offer and joined our family a couple of days after we moved into our new home in Windsor.”

Nanny housekeeper needed in a split location

The role for the D-Z family was unusual as the clients had two homes - one near Primrose Hill and the other in a private estate in Windsor. This busy commuting family required a versatile dynamic individual who was prepared to travel between the two homes and could oversee their running. Flexibility in the role and hours worked were essential qualities.

The family were in London during the week, so a housekeeper was needed for Primrose Hill, while at the weekend, the family retreated to Windsor so needed a mixed nanny/housekeeper.

Mrs D-Z said:
"We had some difficulty in finding an individual to meet our standards and requirements and had been looking for a number of months. A meeting with Nannies Matter helped clarify exactly what we needed and then after a few weeks, they managed to find a suitable candidate."

To find out more about the services Nannies Matter offers, simply contact our team by calling 0800 121 4881. Alternatively, complete our online contact form and we will be in touch.

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