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If you are looking for a nanny housekeeper who can look after your children as well as provide housekeeping services, Nannies Matter can help you. We offer two services in this area - nanny housekeepers and housekeeper nannies. Each role is slightly different, supporting families in different ways.

For more than two decades, we have been matching nannies and housekeepers to fulfil important roles in the home. We aim to give you more free time to spend together as a family without worrying about housework or how your child is going to be taken care of.

If you’re looking for a nanny that also provides housekeeping services, get in touch with Nannies Matter today to discuss your requirements. You can contact us by calling 0800 121 4881 or by filling in our online enquiry form

What is a nanny housekeeper?

A nanny housekeeper will usually provide care for children aged up to 12 years old and carry out a range of domestic duties. This makes them ideal for busy families that need an extra pair of hands. The role is flexible, leaving you and your family to decide on their duties based on what you need. These professionals can take on a combination of household responsibilities, so you have more time to spend on things that are important to you.
An experienced nanny housekeeper can either be solely responsible for the care of children, work alongside you, or mainly focus on housekeeping and only provide child care when you are otherwise occupied. A nanny housekeeper with sole responsibility for your children will complete household tasks when the children are at school or nursery to fit around their schedule. Thanks to this flexibility, they can give you full support with all aspects of your life and home.

The duties of a nanny housekeeper include:

  • Preparing children for school
  • Taking care of the school drop off and pick up
  • Supervising homework
  • Arranging playdates
  • Organising appointments
  • Taking care of laundry for the family
  • Preparing meals
  • Keeping the house tidy
  • Managing any tradespeople working at the house

Nanny housekeepers who specialise in working with younger children will combine their cleaning duties with nursery duties. Young children are especially vulnerable, so nannies caring for them need specific qualifications, such as the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory framework. They can also make a lot of mess, so having a professional cleaner and the perfect nanny rolled into one can help in multiple ways.
A nanny housekeeper’s duties can be specified at your discretion, and we will discuss your requirements during the consultation process to ensure we find the right candidate for you and your family.

How Does a Housekeeper Nanny Differ?

A housekeeper nanny shares many of the duties of a nanny housekeeper, but is focused more on maintaining the home, with childcare support provided as and when it is required. While nanny housekeepers may pick up some basic housekeeping duties as part of their day-to-day nanny duties, housekeeper nannies agree to do so as part of their contracted work, meaning they are better qualified in housekeeping and will spend more of their working hours doing so.

Some of the unique aspects of housekeeper nanny roles include:

  • Childminding rather than closer-working childcare
  • Working with older children, usually aged 13 to 18
  • A greater focus on household chores

The duties undertaken by housekeeper nannies are flexible to suit your and your family’s needs, which can help make life that little bit easier. During the consultation process, we will talk about your requirements and assess the relevance of housekeeper nanny jobs so we can find the right candidate for your home.

What are the Typical Working Hours of Nanny Housekeepers?

Both nanny housekeepers and housekeeper nannies’ working hours are tailored towards your family’s arrangements. From traditional nine-to-five services or after-school support only, we will find a candidate that suits you and fits into your schedule with ease. We can discuss your requirements with you during our consultation process. Let us know how a nanny can support you and your family and we will work together to make this happen.

If you are looking for a nanny who can provide closer care than a typical live-out nanny housekeeper might be able to, take a look at our live-in nanny service. A live-in nanny may be better for families with young children with more hours required for their support and healthy development.

Why Hire a Nanny Housekeeper?

allows you to spend less time cooking and cleaning after a long day at work. If you work long hours and feel you don’t have enough time to keep your house organised, a nanny housekeeper is the perfect solution for you. The role is flexible and Nannies Matter can help you source a suitable nanny that can fit into your lifestyle and fulfil your personal needs. Whether you require full-time care of your little ones, assistance with general life administration, or someone who is able to do domestic chores around the home, we’re confident that one of our nannies will bring balance to your life.

Why Nannies Matter is right for your family

When looking for domestic help, it is important to feel confident that you can entrust your home to somebody who understands your and your household’s needs. Unlike many other agencies that simply let you know who they have on their books, we will take the time to listen to exactly what you are looking for so we can find the right candidate for you. During the recruiting process, we will only put forward nanny housekeepers who match your exact criteria, so your time is not wasted.

We pride ourselves on delivering high standards which have been recognised by clients who use our services time and time again and recommend us to friends, neighbours, and family.

For more information about our services, take a look at our FAQs.

FAQs About Nanny Housekeeper Duties

Do nanny housekeepers have specific training in childcare and housekeeping?

Nanny housekeepers undergo specialised training in childcare relevant to the ages of the children they are caring for, and often in housekeeping skills, too. This may include formal education and qualifications in childcare, certifications in early childhood development, and hands-on experience in domestic tasks. We ensure all of our candidates are well-equipped to provide a nurturing and safe environment for your children whilst handling household duties.

How can I ensure a good fit between the nanny housekeeper and my family?

Finding the right nanny housekeeper for your home and family is essential to your children's happiness. It also ensures you can trust your nanny housekeeper to complete their duties to your satisfaction.

Begin by outlining your family's needs, values and daily routine. A clear understanding of your expectations and the specific duties required helps in finding a nanny housekeeper whose skills and experience align with your family's needs.

You should discuss this with the team at Nannies Matter. We want to understand your unique requirements so we can guide you through the selection process, and present candidates who not only meet the professional criteria but are also a good fit for your family's dynamic.

Once you have a number of candidates to choose from, you should interview each thoroughly. Ask detailed questions about their experience, their approach to childcare and housekeeping, and how they handle various situations that commoly arise. It's also beneficial to observe their interaction with your children if possible.

As well as meeting your obligations as an employer, you can ensure peace of mind by conducting comprehensive reference and background checks. Nannies Matter performs these checks on all candidates, but it can also be reassuring for you to connect personally with previous employers.

You may consider a trial period for your chosen nanny housekeeper. This allows both you and the nanny housekeeper to assess the fit in a practical, real-life setting before making a long-term commitment.

By taking these steps, you can significantly enhance the likelihood of finding a nanny housekeeper who seamlessly blends into your family, providing both childcare and housekeeping support that meets your exact needs.

How do I determine the right schedule for a nanny housekeeper?

Determining the right schedule for a nanny housekeeper depends largely on your family's specific needs and the nature of the duties required.

Reflect on the amount of childcare and housekeeping you require - a part-time nanny housekeeper may better suit your needs. Consider the number of children, their ages, and the level of attention they need. Similarly, evaluate the size of your home and the extent of housekeeping tasks you need a housekeeper to fulfil. Remember that employees have a legal limit on how many hours they can work - for nannies, this is typically 10 hours per day and five days a week.

Look at your family's daily routine. Identify the times when you most need support, whether it's during mornings, afternoons, evenings, or a combination thereof, and plan around these.

Talking to your nanny may also be beneficial, as they may be able to offer you advice using their own experience. Discuss potential schedules with them to understand their availability and any existing commitments they might have.

You should also make sure to consider the possibility of needing occasional extra hours and discuss how flexibility can be accommodated. Be clear about your expectations regarding overtime or weekend work.

As an employer, you must be aware of legal regulations concerning working hours and ensure the schedule complies with UK employment laws, including rest periods and maximum working hours. As an experienced and professional nanny housekeeper agency, we can help you to understand these obligations.

Are nanny housekeepers available for live-in or live-out arrangements?

Typically, nanny housekeeper jobs run on a standard live-out basis, but there may be exceptions. If this is a requirement for your family, we can discuss the potential of finding live-in nanny housekeeper candidates.

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