Chauffeur Services

If you are looking for a chauffeur who will assist in the day-to-day transportation of you and your family, Nannies Matter is here to help you.

Nannies Matter has a range of candidates who are polite, respectful and most importantly - on time.

Chauffeur Duties

The role a chauffeur will vary from estate to estate, however, typical chauffeur duties include:

  • Driving members of the family, friends and associates
  • Ensuring cars are maintained to a high standard
  • Arranging any MOTs or maintenance work needed on the cars
  • School drop offs and pickups
  • Airport drop offs and pickups
  • The role of a chauffeur can be very flexible. As well as carrying out traditional driving duties, chauffeurs may also take on other roles such as security, handyman jobs or garden and pet maintenance. If you require a candidate with multiple skills, we can help.

The Right Candidate For You

At Nannies Matter, we only supply chauffeurs that have excellent geographical knowledge of the Home Counties area and beyond. We also ensure that our drivers are very safe and dependable.

Each candidate that Nannies Matter works with is experienced in chauffeur work, and is extremely professional and safe, meaning you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Contact Us Today

We can help you find the right private chauffeur for you in the Home Counties of Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire – just call us on 0800 121 4881 or complete our online contact form to get started.

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