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Nanny Housekeeper - Gerrard's Cross £53,000

Our client based in the bustling , friendly commuter village of Gerrards Cross are seeking an experienced, caring, and organised nanny housekeeper to support their two school age children and to manage their family home.

The nannying element of the role will be the care of two school age children, a little boy aged 8 and his 4-year-old sister. The children are comfortable with having a nanny  and are happy to build a trusting and fun relationship with you 

The housekeeping element of the role would be to ensure the smooth running of the family home. Laundry, food prep , cooking delicious and nutritious family meals,  errands light daily tidying and cleaning( the family employs a cleaner). Organising and maintaining storage in kitchen cupboards, laundry room, and managing tradespeople 

The hours of work will be 7am( or7.30am) – 7pm Mon -Fri during term time and 8am – 7.30pm during school holidays. A nanny car is provided.

Nanny Windsor - £40,000

Our client based in the historic Royal Borough of Windsor are seeking a motivated , energetic experienced nanny to care for their two school age children, this role can be increased to full time should you wish to take on the role as nanny housekeeper
A car driver is essential, and a vehicle will be provided for nanny duties

Two active and healthy children looking for a fun and experienced nanny. The family live in a beautiful historic town house overlooking the Long Walk in Windsor, a few minutes away from the castle, train station to London and various amenities. The children’s school is within walking distance. 

Everyday duties - getting the children ready for school and collecting them, planning, and preparing healthy meals, helping with homework, and occasionally putting them to bed. Light housework (children related only)
Monday & Friday - 1pm to 7pm Tuesday & Thurs - 7am to 9am then 3pm to 7pm Wednesday - 7am to 9am and 1pm to 7pm

Nanny Housekepper Cobham - £31,000

Our clients based in the pretty commuter town of Cobham are seeking a flexible, organised, warm friendly and reliable nanny housekeeper to support this busy family. Mum and Dad both work within the family business although Mum’s hours are more flexible. You will be happy to work in partnership with Mum to care for their five daughters aged between 5 months and 16years ( 5 months, 4 , 10 , 14 , & 16)

The nannying element of the role will be sole charge of the baby on a Monday when Mum works , the remainder of the week will be flexible depending on the children’s activities
The two eldest daughters are pretty much self-sufficient, although they  will enjoy building up a relationship with you , the children are respectful, polite and the nanny is considered to be an integral part of this fun , relaxed household. The two younger children will enjoy your company and will enjoy trips to the park and other fun activities with you
The housekeeping element will include laundry , light cleaning ( the family employs twice weekly cleaners), food shopping , meal prep and cooking lunch and dinner and clearing away. You will be able to use your own initiative and build up your  routines for the week for your housekeeping tasks

Monday 9 - 7pm Tues 1 - 7pm Wed - Fri 11am-7pm 

Housekeeper PA/Nanny Near Reading - £35,000

Our clients based in the stunning Chiltern village of Kidmore End are seeking a caring , organised housekeeper /nanny to manage their beautiful family home and to support their  school age children as they settle into a new area.

The housekeeping element of the role will be the day to day will be driven by your routine and organisation and will include keeping the home clean, the laundry up to date , menu planning ,batch cooking, organising cupboards recycling, and errands.

You will be caring for three children aged 11and twins who are almost 10. They have a busy life at school with days starting at 8 and usually finishing at about 6pm . However, keeping up with school emails, organising any additional holiday activities, ensuring PE  kits are ready and packed, bags are ready for the morning .  Buying and wrapping gifts for birthday parties, preparing school uniforms will take part of your day , and  also some homework that may need to be encouraged in the evenings!

The children have grown up knowing only two nannies in their lives who have stayed with the family for very long periods and all three children have created a fun-loving relationship with them within the relaxed environment of their family home 

This  role will be for 48 hours per week over 4 days 7am – 7pm  and a late May .early June t start is 

A nanny car is available for duty only.


Our client based in the beautiful Thameside suburb of Chiswick are seeking a  warm caring proactive nanny housekeeper to support their home and family

The housekeeping element will be regular light cleaning, cooking nutritious family meals, laundry, walking the family’s small dogs and running errands

The nannying element will be combination of shared care with Mum and sole charge

Mum is expecting her second child early next month so confidence in caring for a new-born is necessary. The family’s eldest daughter is 2 years old and attends nursery locally so nursery drops, and pickups will also be part of the role as well as playing with her and reading to her .

An immediate start is available for this wonderful nurturing role

The hours are 9am -7pm Mon – Fri 


Our clients based in the Chiltern village of Radnage are seeking an experienced , versatile nanny /housekeeper /groom to manage the family home, support the children and look after their animals

The nannying element of the role will be supportive . During term time  the children – daughter aged 9 and twin boys aged 7 are busy at school so you will be largely responsible for school drop offs and collection ensuring they have the correct equipment for the day’s activities , enjoy listening to news of their day and ensure that all is well  in their world. During the school holidays there will be opportunity to spend time with the children on days out and exploring the local area and engage with their horse-riding journey – encouraging them to be involved in the day-to-day care of their ponies. 

The housekeeping element will be to support Mum who has a full-time career to keep the wheels turning at home , the family employ a cleaner s you will be responsible for the day to day tidying  and light cleaning, errands, cooking nutritious  and delicious family meals and maintaining the family laundry etc

The family have 3 ponies and 2 whippets . The ponies by and large live out so you will be responsible for ensuring they have the correct rugs ,they are checked over daily , are able to deal with minor ailments an know when to call the vet, deal with the farrier, etc, Mum also has a  young thoroughbred in local livery ( ROR)  so there will be an opportunity to work with Mum to bring him on also . 
This role could work as a local live out or a live in either full time or Mon – Fri . The family have a spacious home and grounds  and you would have your own large bedroom and bathroom.


Our clients based on the outskirts of the bustling Chiltern town of Gerrards Cross are seeking a proactive experienced housekeeper to care for their beautiful family home.

You will be  self-motivated  with an eye for detail and have the ability to learn to anticipate the needs of the family. The housekeeping side of the house will include cleaning to a high standard , bed changes, laundry ( including ironing and putting away) tidying & organising, running any family errands, and planning and cooking a family meal (once a week). An enjoyment of cooking would be welcome, and you would have free rein of a professional kitchen to prepare. ( not essential ) 

This family is quite adult with parents – 2 grown up children  a son aged 22 and a daughter aged 17 who live here as well as an adorable super friendly ageing labradoodle. 
There are also regular overseas visitors who come to stay for extended periods. Flexibility and humour are the most welcome attributes in any candidate. 

This is a part time role of approx. 25 hours per week although on occasion this will need to flex to house/dog sitting when the family travel, but the hours can be fitted in at a time of day that works for you. 


Our client based on the outskirts of the Royal Borough of Windsor are seeking a warm loving experienced nanny to care for their two daughters. The girls are aged 7 months and 2 years and they will be within your charge. You will have a passion for the early years and will enjoy the challenges of weaning and for supporting the needs of these two little girls and be able to balance each of their needs. The girls are in a very good routine and will happily be put down for their naps as mum is an infant sleep consultant. The eldest daughter’s personality is coming through as a bright, gentle, sensitive soul who loves to be in our company reading, playing, colouring, chatting throughout – a pleasure to spend time with. She is really into imaginary play. Both Mum and Dad work from home - dad in his office in the house and mum in the outside annex off the house. 

They are a happy, relaxed family who are looking for a long-term nanny to join their family and be part of the family.

The hours are 8.30am – 5.30pm Monday - Thursday

A car owner /driver is required

4 DAY NANNY HOUSEKEEPER Nr Gerrards Cross £34,000

Our client based on the outskirts of Gerrards Cross are seeking a warm organised and experienced nanny housekeeper to manage their comfortable family home and care for their 2 children.

The role will split between full time during  the school holidays and part time during term time ( private school)

The housekeeping element of the role will be general tidying, organising, and cleaning the home , laundry , food prep and when Mum is busy cooking delicious nutritious  family meals. 

The nannying element will vary between term time and school hols . During term time  school /nursery drop offs and pick-ups preparing for school in the morning , ensuring collect kit is ready for school. After school it will be  following the children’s evening routine of chill time dinner and bedtime .

During school holidays it will be time to have fun days out and exploring the local area ( focus on the children during school holidays . The children are sociable and fun  and thrive on colouring , sticking having  stories read to them and generally being happy !!!!!

A nanny car is provided.

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