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Our clients based in the Surrey village of Clandon are seeking  a warm, outgoing, motivated nanny housekeeper to support their 2 school age boys (aged 7&9) and manage their busy family home.

The nannying element of the role would begin with school pickups then organise after school activities, help with homework, practicing music etc. When weather and time allows a visit to the skate park with the boys and family dog, or a bike ride would also be welcome.

The housekeeping element would be meal planning, shopping and cooking healthy and nutritious family meals, laundry, light cleaning,  and walking the family cockerpoo. Mum has prepared a sample plan for the week below 35 hours would consist of 12-6.30 each day (with 1-2 morning drop-offs for live-in nannies only). 

A Nanny car provided for duty. Living in could also be an option for this role and then would include 1-2 morning drop offs and a babysitting each week.


Our client based in Datchet are seeking an experienced proactive nanny housekeeper to care for their  beautiful Thameside home and care for their 2 school age children.

The housekeeping element of the role would be  cleaning , laundry , errands , walking the family dog and cooking nutritious family meals 

The children are aged 8 and 15, whilst the 15-year-old is mostly self-sufficient and walks to catch the train to school in the mornings, you will drop your little 8-year-old to school each morning in nearby Windsor

School holidays will be a combination of   ferrying to clubs and enjoying fun days out and exploring the local area. This role could  also be a live-in position


A wonderful opportunity has arisen to support our  clients who  will be moving to the bustling child friendly town of Beaconsfield in November

They are seeking a warm experienced nanny to care for their 2 children- their son aged 12months and daughter aged  3.5 years.

The little girl will attend local pre-school between 8,30am and 12 but Mum and Dad would like to do most of these drop offs. You will then have the morning to spend with toddler – either at home or exploring the local area or a group. Your afternoon will be spent with both siblings. 

Normal nanny duties of cleaning children’s areas, cooking for the children and children’s laundry are included in the role

Familiarity with the local area would be useful to help the family to adapt and familiarize themselves with  South Bucks and a knowledge of French would be an advantage  for this family


My husband and I live a rural setting in North Hampshire. We have two teenage children who are at boarding school, with 4 horses (2 of which go to school with the children, but the horses return for half terms and the main holidays), 3 dogs, 3 bantams and for a lot of the year we have between 20-25 sheep in the paddocks (our responsibility is limited to filling and cleaning their water troughs and reporting injuries).

For about the last 3 years we have had the same live-in couple working for us: he has been responsible for the garden/maintenance/horses/driving etc, and she has been responsible for the house/cleaning/laundry/housekeeping/dogs etc.

She has also helped us for dinner parties or when we have a full house, and he also helps as well on occasion for large dinner parties etc.

We have a self-contained flat (double bedroom, shower room, sitting room and kitchen) which is in good condition which is accessed through one of the back entrances to the main house. We pay for all utility/council bills/broadband (sadly the broadband is slow!) etc. A car can be provided if required (we will pay for regular servicing/running costs excluding petrol, fines etc), but it may not be needed depending on the couple.

These roles are not clearly defined yet, as it will depend on the successful candidates as to who, for example, does the horses etc.


Our client based in the bustling town of Woking are seeking an organised , warm, and caring nanny housekeeper to manage the family home and to look after  the twin boys aged 9

The nannying element of the role will  vary between school holidays and term time . Mon – Wed will be preparing for school and school drop offs , Thursday will be a split day with both drop offs and pick-ups  and helping the boys with homework etc and the school holidays will be time to have fun , explore and relax. 

The housekeeping element will be cleaning the family home, laundry, meal prep batch cooking for the family and errands.

The term time hours will be – 12.30 pm Mon – Thurs plus an additional 4pm -7pm on Thursday evening. School holidays ( private) will be 8am – 6pm 

The salary offered is based on £15 gross per hour and is £1981 gross per month  with 4 weeks paid holidays and bank holidays off


Our clients will shortly be moving out of London to Oxford with their 4-year-old twins and will be seeking a loving proactive and flexible nanny to care for  the twins.

The children will start at reception in their new school in September, so your role will vary between term time and school holidays. During term time  you will work 25 hours, but this will increase  to 50hours during the ( private school ) holidays 

As well as the usual  nursery duties of children’s laundry , managing their school bags  and preparing their  you will collect the children from school  and be responsible for any after school activities, homework , dinner, and their bedtime routine.

Your  hours during term time will be 2pm – 7pm  although there will be times when there will be a need to either baby sit or stay over if

Mum and Dad need to travel 

School holiday your hours will increase to 50 hours and will be your opportunity for fun days out , activities and exploring the local areas if they are not attending clubs


Our clients based in the stunning Thameside town of Marlow are seeking an excellent housekeeper who can also flex to support Mum as needed with her 2 school age children. 

You will be responsible for the cleaning schedule for the family home and will also organise the laundry and be happy to cook nutritious meals for the family.

In addition to 15 hours of housekeeping  school pick up, baby-sitting, and weekend childcare can be put into the mix.
You will have a passion for housekeeping and an eye for detail , you will also be flexible companiable and enjoy the company of  2 fun loving children aged 6& 8

Working on a base  3 days per week Mon & Wed 10 hours and 5 hours on a Fri with 4 weekends per year of cover for parents’ trips away which will be planned in advance,  The   family will also build up ‘credit’ of 9 hours per week built into your salary which will be added to your week either as extra hours/babysits or weekends away


Our clients based in the bustling  village of Gerrards Cross are seeking a warm ,loving and organised  nanny /housekeeper to  support their busy family life.

This is a 4-day role with a salary of £29,500 – You will work 7am to 7pm on Mon, Tues and Thursday  and Friday will be a split day 7am and 8.30pm & 3pm – 7pm 

The term time role will involve getting the children ready for school  with appropriate  kit etc, breakfast and school drop offs. The  family employ a cleaner so the housekeeping role will include cooking for the family , laundry, and walking the family dog
The children are aged 4, 5, 12, and 17- so the children’s needs will vary therefore a versatile approach to their care will be required. Whereas the 16-year-old is largely self-sufficient the other children will have their own unique needs which will make the role interesting but will require thought and organisation to meet all their needs


Our clients based in the historic village of Combe are seeking a flexible organised housekeeper nanny to care for their beautiful family home  and  support  their 3 school age boys

The nannying element of the role will be ensuring that the boys are ready for school with the necessary kit  for the day , school runs pick-ups(30 mins away)  and coordinating afterschool activities . The boys are sporty and fun so an appreciation of rugby and cricket would be  a super bonus for them !!!

The housekeeping element of the role is daily cleaning, laundry, meal planning  and cooking healthy nutritious foods for the family – the boys have a hearty appetite so baking would also be bonus for them. The family also own a dog who would also appreciate your time for a walk .

This is a 3-day role with hours of 7.15-6.15 days can be flexible ( Mum could also work around some half days if this worked better for you) 

There could also be potential for additional hours if you wanted to be involved in supporting Mum in her floristry business

You would need to be a car owner/driver ( mileage paid for business miles ) 

The salary for this role is based on £14 gross per hour



Both individuals must have some previous experience working together or individually in a Domestic Couple position and one or both should hold a valid driving licence. 

The family have 2 young boy, aged 6 and 4. The job would suit a fun and energetic couple with a positive can-do attitude, high standards of work and a good level of spoken English and must like children and animals.

You will be employed as:

1: Nanny/ Mothers help / Housekeeping 
2: Gardener / Handyman 

You will need to work as part of a team with the focus on one half of the couple inside the home, helping with laundry, cleaning, cooking and some childcare whilst the other will be employed full time in the husband’s local hotel business, and helping maintain the grounds of the house. 

The working hours are around 45 hours per week, but preference will be given to couples who are flexible and able to manage their own time and duties. 
Accommodation is provided in a 2-bedroom cottage with living area and kitchen and separate to the main house.


Our clients based in the bustling village of Gerrards Cross are seeking a nanny housekeeper to manage their home and care their 3 boys (aged 11, 8 & 4). Both parents work so they are looking for someone with experience of looking after multiple children, who can juggle the demands of a busy household.

Ideally the role would be for an after-school nanny/housekeeper from Mon-Thurs, including one night of babysitting, 25 per week which would roughly be 5 hours Mon-Weds and 10 hours on Thursdays, this would increase to 40 hours per week during the school holiday

The housekeeping element of the role would be light  cleaning of the family home, laundry and preparing nutritious meals .

The nannying element would be picking the boys up from school , organising after school activities , ensuring book bags and P.E kits are ready for the next day and supporting with homework e


Our clients based in the historic Chiltern village of Bix are seeking an experienced ,organised housekeeper /nanny to work in a busy vibrant family home of 6.

The housekeeper element of the role will be day to day light cleaning, laundry and cooking ( and batch cooking ) nutritious family meals for the family.

The key element of the nanny role will be to drive the 11-year-old boy to school daily( on the outskirts of Oxford) in the family automatic car and pick him up at the end of the school day. You will be a competent driver who enjoys driving and will have the opportunity to develop your relationship with this young chap . The older two boys ( 14 and 16 )are quite independent , but you will have a delightful little 2-year-old girl at home with you, although she does attend  nursery in the mornings.

An immediate start is available for this super varied role in the heart of the busy growing family.


  • Our client based in the bustling town of Gerrards Cross are seeking a warm , flexible, and organised nanny/housekeeper to care for their 3 school age children and to manage their  beautiful family home 30 hours a week
    The nannying element of the role will be to pick up the children from school locally and to either manage after school activities or bring the  children home ,  hearing about their day  and supervise and encourage in  their evening routines until Mum and Dad finish work 
    The house keeping side of the house will include cleaning to a high standard , bed changes , laundry ( including ironing and putting away) , planning and cooking a family meal and running any family errands.

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    Our client based nr the pretty Sussex town of Haslemere are seeking a versatile groom / nanny to support Mum with  the care of her 2 young children aged 4  and  3, 4    horses – 3 eventers and a pony 35 hours a week.
    The groom element of the role will include turn out , mucking out and bringing in as a minimum but has potential to include working the horses  by lunging, schooling and maybe some hacking out . You may also need to arrange vet and farrier visits and prepare  the horses  and lorry for events.
    The nannying element of the role could be to pick up the girls from school and  prepare dinner and maybe some reading  or bringing them  to their pony and  helping with grooming, tacking up and  riding.
    The family employ a cleaner and a handyman so you will be able to be focused on  the children and horses , although you will  also help with the day to day within the house- general tidying , dishwasher meal prep  if it is required on the day .


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    Our client is based on the outskirts of the historic town of Marlborough in a beautiful village called Ramsbury. The village has a real community feel, with a wonderful pub, village shop and post office. There are also good walking routes around the village. Our client is looking for a flexible, caring nanny-housekeeper to support Mum in running the home and caring for her 2-month-old daughter.
    This is a 3 day a week position (Wednesday – Friday) which will also require you to stay over/stay late one night (Thursday or Friday) to look after their daughter. The preferred working hours are 9am – 5pm. However, our client is flexible. 
    The role is interesting and varied and your day will range from spending time looking after baby while Mum is out, to doing laundry – including ironing, keeping the house tidy, and organised and you may be required to prep food/do some cooking occasionally.
    You will be responsible, kind and calm, enjoy working in a relaxed family environment and you will enjoy being a supportive part of this growing family.

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    A unique multi-dimensional opportunity has arisen to work within a warm and welcoming extended family who are expecting a new baby in the summer. 
    You will work closely with Dad to support him with the baby, but you will also be able to flex to support the needs of his older children aged 12, 11 and 9 who live with him half the time. This latter part will be more of an ad hoc thing, but the expectation is that you will build a strong relationship with the children.  
    The role will consist of the usual nursery duties – baby’s laundry, nursery and as time goes on preparing food for the weaning process and caring for baby while Dad is at work. The family employ a cleaner, but you may take on responsibility for daily light tidying, stacking the dishwasher, meal prep and cooking and running family errands.
    The role is based on a 48-hour week, but you may work on a monthly cycle where some weeks are busier than others, but the hours will equate, and a regular monthly salary will be paid.

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  • NANNY /GROOM -  OXFORD £30,000

    Our clients based in Kidlington are seeking a warm loving organised nanny /groom to support the family’s busy lifestyle.

    This is a live-in position, and you will be required to work between 7am & 7pm Mon- Fri( 4 additional weekends by prior arrangement) 

    You will be caring for two little girls aged  5 and 3 who will be attending school and nursery locally so a typically would involve drop offs.

    The family employ a weekly cleaner, but  you will take responsibility for the children’s area and laundry.

    An enjoyment of cooking would be an advantage , and the preparation of family meals would be most welcome as both Mum and Dad work both work ( Dad is a family lawyer and Mum is a hospital doctor)

    An equine interest will be a major advantage as both Mum and children have their own horses -so nurturing the children’s love of ponies and spending time with them and their ponies and caring for Mum’s horse as needed.

    The accommodation for this role will be  within a freshly renovated  barn with your own entrance kitchen/dining area lounge  area bedroom and bathroom. 

    Field and stabling also available for you own horse. 

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    Nanny/Mothers help Marlow

    Our client based in Marlow is looking for a Nanny/mother's help to work closely with Mum to care for their toddling-year-old twins and their school-aged brother approx. 55 hours a week on £2,833 gross per month.

    This role will combine elements of sole charge, working with Mum, joint activities (e.g. swimming), and time for nursery duties – children’s laundry, playroom and children’s cooking, and possibly family meals if you enjoy cooking.

    Mum works from home so excellent communication skills and time management will be required to plan the day/week to manage the household and activities around Mum’s schedule and to ensure the days run smoothly.

    Salary: £34,000

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