5 Signs That Your Nanny is a Perfect Fit For Your Family

When you invite a professional nanny into your home to care for your children, it’s important that they get on with your family and ‘fit’ in with your home life. This article will explore some of the key signs that your nanny is a perfect fit for your family.

1. Your nanny is creative and fun

A good nanny will encourage creativity and your children’s development within their care duties, ensuring that any activities can also be learning experiences.

2. Your children count them as a member of your family

Your nanny spends so much time with you and your family that your children count them as a member of your family. As a result, your children are always relaxed and comfortable around them and can be their true selves, without being withdrawn or quiet.

3. They’re a consistent feature in the lives of your children

Children respond well to discipline and having structure within their lives, so it’s important to ensure that there isn’t a ‘churn’ of nannies through your home to prevent a feeling of upheaval within your children. When your nanny is a perfect fit, your children are comfortable with their presence.

4. You often miss them when they’re not there

When your nanny is on holiday or away from the home, you and your family feel like you miss their company.

5. There is open communication between nanny and employer

This one goes without saying, but it’s essential that your nanny turns up on time and is open when communicating with your family - from parents to children. Having open and honest communication lines between yourselves and your nanny is crucial when they’ll become such an important member of your family.

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