Home Security Staff

If you are looking for home security staff to protect you, your family or your estate, Nannies Matter is here to help you. 

We have more than 15 years’ experience in pairing clients with the perfect security professionals, so you can rest assured that we will find security staff that fit around your needs and ensure that you aren’t wasting your time sifting through inadequate candidates.

To speak to us about your requirements, get in touch today by calling 0800 121 4881 or complete our online contact form to get started.

Duties of home security staff

Having a human presence around your home can act as a deterrent to anybody that is thinking about putting your safety at risk - whether at home or elsewhere. 

The duties of security staff can include:

  • Patrolling the estate
  • Responding to alarms and investigating any disturbances
  • Monitoring visitors to the estate
  • Reporting and writing up any irregularities
  • Calling the relevant authorities in the event of an emergency
  • Answering phone calls
  • Apprehending and evicting intruders
  • Operating and monitoring security systems
  • Coordinating reactions and evacuations to various scenarios
  • Protecting assets, including cars and fine art
  • Delivering a discreet, confidential and unobtrusive service

Our security staff candidates can offer close protection and/or residential security. They are flexible in their role and can take up other duties for the family, including chauffeuring, household maintenance and gardening.

Working hours for home security staff

Home security staff are typically available for between 20 to 60 hours per week. For maximum security around the clock, you may need to take on a team of security staff. For example, a team of three will ensure there is a member of security in the day, one at night and one resting. 

Why Nannies Matter is right for you

We will work with you to find security staff that are a perfect fit for you and your family. Each candidate has years of experience in security, with many coming from a services background, so you can feel confident in the knowledge that your home is in safe hands.

Get in touch

We can help you find the right private security staff for you in the Home Counties of Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. Simply call us on 0800 121 4881 or complete our online contact form to get started.

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